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PAC Manager 3.3.1 – Conexiones SSH en modo gráfico

PAC Manager 3.3.1 – Conexiones SSH en modo gráfico

Se ha vuelto a actualizar PAC Manager, un magnífico gestor gráfico que nos permite manejar más amigablemente conexiones SSH / Telnet.

Está escrito en Perl/GTK y esta es la lista de cambios de esta nueva versión (3.3.1):

. Added Drag And Drop method to “Chain” one connection’s “Expect/Execute” chains with an already already running connection!!!! (DND one conn A from the connections Tree into a running TAB/Window conn B, choose conn A expect/execute tuples from the popup, click OK, and see how those “Chains” are automated into conn B !!)
. Added another option for right-click context menu on “Edit” entry boxes: added the possibility to create a list of choices for the user to choose (beyond the old free-type user input!!)
. Added a “Pretty-powerful-but-hard-to-debug” option ( <CMD:command to launch> ) to execute commands to get values like those from <GV:#>, <ENV:env_variable>, etc… (image the possibility to use the next string in the “Host” entry box:
<CMD:exec bash -c “if [[ 'x`pgrep -f vpn_A`' != 'x' ]]; then echo -n ‘<GV:Pasarela_VPN_A>’; else echo -n ‘<GV:Pasarela_VPN_B>’; fi”>
Ofcourse, having predefined both “Gateway_A” and “Gateway_B” under “Preferences” -> Global Variables …
F**K YEAH!!!!!!
And the same applies to the rest of entry boxes!! (checkout <CMD:*> right-clicking over entry boxes)
. Added another option to “FULL Duplicate connection” (terminal right-click button), that is: duplicate and send every registered keystroke!! (beware!)
. Added an option to show/hide lines in the Connections Tree
. Minor GUI modification for the “Preferences” Window
. Fixed a minor GUI bug that prevented the “Connections list” panel size to be restored if PAC starts maximized
. Fixed a minor bug regarding personal background color for splitted connections in TABs
. Minor bug-fixing and code cleanup


Podemos instalarlo en Ubuntu con el siguiente paquete deb: pac-3.3.1-all.deb

Fuente: ubuntips

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